Rules and Policies

1 / Conditions of diffusion:

In accordance with the article L. 335-2 paragraph 2 of the Code of the intellectual property the sale of copies is considered by the Courts as counterfeit and therefore all people risking it, would incur up to two years of imprisonment and 300 000 euros fine.

Repair-Market reserves the right to refuse ads that appear contrary to legal or regulatory, morality or likely to disturb visitors to the site.

To protect our readers, a list of unauthorized products on the site is offered to you and we recommend that you read it before any announcement:

_ Firearms and explosives;
_ Lottery tickets;
_ Credit card;
Official documents issued by the State;
Decoders and other decryption equipment;
_ Drugs and associated objects;
_ Fake coins and false stamps;
_ Fireworks;
_ Incitement to illegal activities;
_ Financial instruments;
_ Drugs and Parapharmacy;
_ Organs and products of the human body;
_ Animals, animal parts, and plant species;
_ Adult products (obscene and / or violent content);
_ Dangerous and illicit substances (perfumes, cosmetics, ...);
_ Tobacco and alcohol.

Hypertext links are not allowed unless they are intended to present your product in more detail (data sheet, repair methods links, etc ...).

The photos inserted into your ads can not be brand and company logos, items that do not concern your ad, or individuals for their self-promotion.

Barter announcements are allowed on the site and must be inserted in the Exchange category. In this case, the ad will be rejected.

In the case of broken or incomplete objects, the advertisements must indicate precisely in the description the nature of the deterioration or incompleteness as well as the functioning or non-functioning of the object in question.

According to Decree No. 2000-576 of 28 June 2000 on the sale of vehicles, the following information must appear on your ad to be legal: the make of the vehicle, its type and model. For used vehicles, indicate the date of first entry into circulation and the actual mileage.

Since December 31, 2010, any announcement relating to the sale or lease of a property must mention the letter corresponding to the reference scale of the energy classification and greenhouse gas emissions of the property. provided by Article R. 134-2 of the Construction and Housing Code.

2 / Terms of use:

The site may be inaccessible at any time for reasons of maintenance or technical problems and Zenso e-com disclaims all liability.

The general conditions of sale, distribution and use may be modified at any time, users are invited to regularly read.

Zenso e-com reserves the right to refuse an advertisement for any reason and to delete at any time an advertisement that it has already validated.

The advertiser is solely responsible for the distribution of his ad. Therefore, the company Zenso e-com will in no way be held responsible for the distribution of ads not compliant with the French legislation in force.

The texts, graphics, photographs, images, plans, names, logos, brands, databases, etc ... of the site are protected by articles L122-4 and L122-5. of the Intellectual Property Code. All components of is the exclusive property of Zenso e-com.

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